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Maps & Atlases / Maps

Price: EUR 90,00

SDUK - The Society for the Diffusion of Usefull Knowledge.

The southern provinces of Sweden [and] The northern provinces of Sweden and Norway with part 1, of Russia [and] Denmark and part of Norway.

1833, 1834 and 1845. Three engraved maps hand coloured in outline. 40,5 x 34 cm + 34 x 40,5 + 42 x 35 cm.

Some creases and tears to the margins.

The maps cover all of Scandinavia including Finland and the westernmost part of Russia. The map depicting the northern provinces of Sweden and Norway (including Finland and parts of Russia) is in a different scale. Published by the english "Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge", a non profit organisation made up of a commitee of noblemen who´s aim was to spread knowledge in an inexpensive way to the working- and middle class. This included a very well executed two volume atlas with maps and town plans. The Society was active from 1826 to 1848.

Item No: 3703