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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

Sankt Göransgatan 98
112 45 Stockholm
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Price: EUR 120,00

[Photography] [Ambrotype]

[Two pretty girls in beautiful dresses]

[Ca 1855-1865] Case 16 x 14,5 cm. Image 8,5 x 10,5 cm.

Black case with an oval opening in gilt. Sealed with the original paper at the back. Unopened. Cloth along the edges of the case partly missing. The photo with some fading, especially at the edges. A few minor spots. Hanger missing.

Somewhat larger than usual. A liitle bit of hand colouring on the collars. Ambrotypes exists in one copy only, just like daguerrotypes, panotypes and ferrotypes. An ambrotype is a glass negative which has been turned into a positive by applying a black background. Ambrotypes are housed in cases since they are fragil, also a tradition continued from the daguerreotype era.

Item No: 3610