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Hammarlunds Antikvariat

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112 45 Stockholm
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Price: EUR 300,00

Martin, J. F. / Generalstabens Litografiska Anstalt

Vue de Stockholm du coté méridional / Utsigt af Stockholm från stadens södra sida.

Fotograv. Gen. Stab. Lit. Anst About 1900. A photo engraved copper plate 31,5 x 43,5cm + image printed from the plate 27 x 41 cm (the wole sheet 43 x 53 cm).

The copper plate has a rust damage in the upper right corner and a few minor damages in other places. The paper image with a corresponding damage to the upper left corner and a couple of creases to the margins.

Here we have a recently discovered photogravure plate depicting Stockholm in the early 1800. A newly printed image from the plate is also supplied. The printing plate was manufactured around the year 1900, after a famous view in the work "Svenska Vuer" published in the early 1800s. The present plate is reduced in size compared to the original. Reproduction of art by photoengraving had its breakthrough in the 1880s. and was fully developed by the turn of the century. The method was acctually first pioneered by Fox Talbot in the 1850s. Basically, a photograph of the painting is transferred to an aquatinted and light sensitized copper plate by appplying light through a photo positive. The plate is then etched whereafter you can print copies from the plate. The aquatint photogravure was replaced by gravure in the early 20th. century. Now using a ready made grid instead of the regular aquatinting process. Sometimes gravures was made using an irregular grain screen to emulate the regular aquatint grains in a photogravure. It is hard to tell if the present plate is a regular aquatint photogravure or a gravure with an irregular grain screen. The plate has been varnished to avoid oxidation. Surviving printing plates are very rare.

Item No: 3968